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I love my followers

Yes we do, each and every one of you :) Thank you for being with us. BookLikes Community is growing bigger and bigger and today we're giving you new option of discovering your Followers better. 


Go to your Friends - Followers Tab to discover new sorting options for your Followers directory. They can be presented in the following order:


1. date - according to date the blog started following you

2. blog title

3. last activity on BookLikes



This will help you to stay connected and explore new blogs. Please remember that some bloggers need more time to start posting and simply like reading your posts on  their Dashboard.




For those who joined BookLikes recently we have some tips how to get bigger exposure and meet new friends on BookLikes: 


1. Stay active - publish, like and reblog posts, leave comments - it's always nice to show appreciation to read piece of writing. Thanks to "show activity" option you can look through who liked what and discover other blogs.

2. Use Dashboard tag search box - type book title / author or tag to find other writings with a given phrase.

3. Join discussion groups or create your own - you can meet many bloggers during discussion sessions. 

4. Take part in Giveaways - you can meet new friends, and new books. What can be better :)

5. Connect your social media in Settings to let your friends know you're on BookLikes; you can also search your Twitter and Facebook friends on BL in Friends Tab.

6. Explore blogs on Explore Page

7. Grab shelf and reading challenge widgets and add them to your other webpages and BL blog in widget area (Settings/Blog - Customize).

Red Axe, Black Sun - Austrian Author released remarkable new fantasy adventure

Dryston of Decia, a poisoned fighter, his ex-lover and sorceress Kyra Celeste and a girl with a death list tattoo will decide the fate of a whole world. Walking on a thin line between good and bad, survival and heroism, they struggle to solve the puzzle of secrets and conspiracies. In a war marking the end of time unpredictable magic, drugs, dead bodies, monsters and a secret plaster their ways and put feelings, loyalties and morals to the test. Will they find the man who is guilty of Dryston’s slow death? Is there a cure? With the fate of the world uncertain, prophecies told and legends rising, how will Dryston and his comrades decide the world’s fate?

cover Red axe, black sun by M. Karner
cover Red axe, black sun by M. Karner

Finally! Endlich! Buch ist fertig!

Red axe, black sun von Michael Karner ist endlich fertig und ein herausragenes fantasy Erlebnis. nicht verpassen!


Do not miss out the remarkable new fantasy adventure:




Quelle: http://www.amazon.com/Red-Axe-Black-Michael-Karner-ebook/dp/B00HFTBU8U/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1390138460&sr=1-1

Red Axe, Black Sun - released!!


Finally the fantasy end war novell is released!


With fascinating intaking descriptions the young author Michael Karner released his first novel in english language. Incredible precise without getting boring. A plot with twists and turns. Most important: chatracters you love with human flaws and weaknesses.


Short summary:

Nothing seems to bring Dryston of Decia, axe-fighter and rogue, back into a perishing world until his ex-lover Kyra Celeste crosses his way again. She hunts a mysterious girl with a death-list tattoo. Following Kyra the fighter Dryston, who dies a slow poisonous death, returns to a war he never wanted to be part of. But the war heralding in the end times leads his way to the very city, where the person behind his demise and the name on the girl’s death-list is hiding from him. In a fight in which legends shall rise and prophecies be fulfilled also leaders find themselves mistaken: a king without the luxury to base his judgment on knowledge; a barbarian war lady putting her hopes in a mysterious man. Both find out too late what their hopes are really built on, plunging them all into damnation. Dryston, facing a conspiracy that is waking a monster but fail to control, and protecting his comrades, has to decide whether to survive or be a hero. With every move, he walks the thin line between right, good and bad. His way holds unpredictable magic, dangerous drugs, dead bodies, and a secret that should have been left buried. Feelings, loyalties and moralities will be put to the test with the fate of the world at stake.


Check it out - It is really worth it!